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Post: Dubai Airport ranks first in the world in terms of passenger traffic in September


Mustafa Abdel Azim (Dubai)

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Dubai International Airport maintained its lead as the world’s largest airport in terms of international seating capacity for the month of September, surpassing London Heathrow Airport in second place by a wide margin. According to data from OAG International, which specializes in analyzing airport and airline data, the total number of seats scheduled on international flights through Dubai International Airport reached approximately 3.94 million seats in September 2022, with Dubai International keeping the difference at more than half. Compared to London Heathrow Airport, which had over 3.3 million seats, and then Amsterdam Airport, which ranked third with 3.1 million seats, Dubai International Airport ranked second globally, out of according to the data. For combined flight capacity (international and domestic), after Hartsfield-Atlanta Airport, which ranked first with 4.6 million seats, Tokyo International Airport ranked third with 3.6 million seats.
Dubai also acquired four of the 10 busiest international routes as of September 2022, two of which are centered between Dubai and the Arab Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and based on the results achieved by Dubai, the Middle East dominates the top spot. The 10 busiest international airlines.
The data showed that the “Dubai-Riyadh track” recorded around 307,000 seats, compared to the “Dubai-Mumbai track” with 228,000 seats, while the “Dubai-Jeddah track” recorded around 223,000 seats, while the “Dubai track” -London Heathrow.“Over 221,000 seats.

Source: Al Ittihad

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