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Post: Russian Fuel Association did not rule out a shortage of winter diesel


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Arkusha, President of the Russian Fuel Union, explains the risk of shortages in winter diesel

MOSCOW, September 18 – RIA Novosti. Evgeny Arkusha, head of the Russian Fuel Association, said in an interview with Sputnik radio that the fuel market in Russia is stable, but there are concerns about winter diesel. He explained why this petroleum product may be scarce in the country.

Russia produces enough different types of fuel from the extracted oil to supply its domestic market. Arkusha warned that the only exception is winter diesel, which can cause problems in the country during the cold season.

“The situation with winter diesel, ie frost resistant grades of diesel fuel, raises some concerns. We have always had problems with it in our country, it has always been scarce. I’m afraid some difficulties may arise. Previously, medium distillates helped or replaced diesel fuel, and now it is in the domestic market. There are almost none, they are all exported,” he said.

Arkusha added that Russian producers continue to export winter diesel itself and in large quantities.

“Therefore, our wholesale and retail prices for diesel fuel are often much higher than for non-regular gasoline,” he said.

Arkusha believes that by purchasing this type of fuel in Belarus, it is possible to avoid the shortage of frost-resistant diesel grades on the Russian market. According to him, the topic of material is already being discussed.

In general, the head of the Russian Fuel Union described the situation in the Russian oil market as “absolutely stable”.

“Inflation is in double digits and the fuel cost has not increased practically since the beginning of the year. There is an explanation for this. Fuel production has increased, shipments to the domestic market have increased, diesel exports have also increased (not winter. — Noted.), and gasoline, on the contrary, does not exist in practice. In this case, wholesale and retail prices do not increase,” said Evgeny Arkusha.

He predicts that the growth in fuel prices in the domestic market will continue to lag behind inflation.

Source: Ria

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