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Post: Analyst explains why it’s too late to sell dollars


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Analyst Blinov: The fate of the dollar in Russia depends on many non-economic factors

MOSCOW, September 22 – RIA Novosti. The fate of the dollar in Russia today depends on many factors that are not directly related to the economy. said Agency “Prime” Senior Analyst IC “Russ-Invest” Roman Blinov.

According to the expert, there may be a collapse of the US currency, which will lead to factors from the “global conspiracy theory”, such as the geopolitical and energy crises in Europe and the situation in the American markets. In addition, Blinov noted that if the collective West accepts sanctions against the NCC, the need for dollars will disappear completely.

Currently, the dollar is strengthening on the world stage due to the US Federal Reserve’s policy of fighting inflation. However, the measures taken by the Fed cause an increase in the real value of the dollar against other currencies, which is negative for all countries except the USA. Everything may change in the future, but the Chinese Communist Party XX. It is extremely difficult to make accurate predictions about the fate of the dollar before Congress and the G20 summit.

Source: Ria

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