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Post: The head of the Moscow Exchange Supervisory Board did not refuse to trade in dollars


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Shvetsov, chairman of the Moscow Exchange Supervisory Board, did not refuse to trade dollars

WIN, September 22 – RIA Novosti. The chairman of the supervisory board, Sergey Shvetsov, said at the IX International Banking Forum that the Moscow Stock Exchange may refuse to trade in dollars if the need for a ruble swap becomes futile.

“I am not ignoring that hypothetically, if trade relations with Russia were not dollar-based, neither the regulator nor the stock market would be interested in it and the business could be sold,” the economist said. .

According to him, while the Russian economy needs a dollar-ruble conversion, “there is a fading trend.”

“I do not exclude that at some point, in the future, the Moscow Stock Exchange will sell this business. This is clearly not in the near future. Any business can be sold,” added Shvetsov.

The Moscow Stock Exchange has already suspended trading in British pounds, the decision will take effect on October 3. It is associated with “possible risks and difficulties in making calculations”.

Source: Ria

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