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Post: Fradkov: Russia’s path of economic development “overcoming economy”


MOSCOW, September 22 – RIA Novosti. PSB Chairman Petr Fradkov said that the Russian banking sector is now on the verge of choosing a development model within the generally accepted business model to adapt to emerging constraints or to create a fundamentally new business model that meets all modern challenges.

“There are two possible models of development. The first is the so-called Iranian model, the ‘resistance model’. I’m not sure if this is a Russian-style development, but rather our model overcomes an “economy” that, among other things, allows one to look for new opportunities in terms of relying on one’s own resource. come”. Speaking at the plenary session of the forum “Banks of Russia – XXI century”, held in Kazan, the head of the PSB is based on the positive “how to get”, not the negative “how to avoid”, ”said the head of the PSB.

According to Fradkov, banks that can develop in this model must first of all meet a new list of criteria, such as combining the function of a commercial bank with the solution of state tasks in the development of critical industries and niches. This will allow, on the one hand, to attract resources and, on the other, to exercise control over cash flows within the country. Another criterion for success in the new conditions is the launch of a wide range of products, which makes it possible to divert the financial resources and capital of Russian investors from foreign markets to domestic ones.

“The third criterion is to increase the availability of credit and investment resources, including reducing the bank spread by compensating for income shortfalls by creating new services for customers. The most important thing is the ability to manage the multi-currency balance: the dollar and the euro are separating and the legal exchange of friendly and hostile currencies. needs to find a definition,” said the head of PSB, explaining that the second measure will allow both the bank and its customers to develop tools to manage currency risks.

Source: Ria

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