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Post: Mashreq drives the digital economy and innovation system


Hussam Abdulnabi (Dubai)

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Mashreq Bank yesterday announced the launch of a new brand that aims to lead the digital finance phase and the broader digital economy through innovative development platforms and solutions, as the new identity embodies the bank’s focus on building strong relationships with customers and partners.
The new Mashreq brand identity is based on three concepts, namely “innovation”, “wisdom” and “will” to provide an exceptional customer experience, which derives from the convergence of innovation with future value and the search to create a working environment system. It is flexible enough for continuous dynamic development and to support changing customer needs.
At a conference held at the bank’s headquarters, Mashreq with its new slogan “Today’s Challenge” revealed a major renovation and transformation of its corporate identity and its overarching strategic objective as a large financial institution that wants to empower everyone to continue its development. A comprehensive financial, personal and professional career.
His Excellency Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mashreq, said the slogan “Today’s Challenge” sends a direct message to all who seek guidance, experience and assistance from institutions that reflect Mashreq around the world. . A commitment to providing them with the practical tools and skills they need to maximize their profits. Their daily lifestyles and the way they interact with the digital economy highlight that this move represents an important step for Mashreq to gain a competitive global position. At the heart of the Bank’s constant search for social and economic impact, supporting the aspirations, dreams and needs of all its customers.
With the “Challenge of the Day” invitation, Mashreq encourages everyone, everywhere to share their personal vision of success, as this invitation embodies Mashreq’s mission to become the most advanced bank in the region, using a collaborative approach. and digital first to build “banking” as a service sector. It goes beyond traditional banking to provide the best and best experience for its customers.
Al Ghurair said the phrase “today’s challenge” defines the bank’s direction in the context of a digital world that is rapidly changing and more complex than ever before. He noted that building an influential brand that can make a real difference requires persistence to progress and succeed.
For his part, Mashreq Group CEO Ahmed Abdel-Al said the principles behind “Today’s Challenge” stem from Mashreq’s belief in building prosperity and better livelihoods through hard work and innovation, and our main focus is on the challenge. Current normal banking services.

Source: Al Ittihad

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