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Post: Alternatives to the world map discussed in Turkey


Cards of the national payment system “Mir”. Archive photo

Turkey’s Ministry of Finance, Central Bank and public banks discussed alternatives to the Mir card with Erdogan

ANKARA, 23 September – RIA Novosti. According to the news of the TV channel, the heads of the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey and public banks discussed alternatives to the Russian Mir card under the chairmanship of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. NTV.

Erdogan said earlier on Friday that he may decide to further use the Russian Mir card in Turkey. On Friday morning, Yeni Şafak newspaper wrote that the US threatened Turkish banks with sanctions for using Russia’s Mir payment system.

Under the chairmanship of Erdoğan, the meeting where alternatives to the Mir card were discussed, was attended by the Minister of Finance, the President of the Central Bank and the heads of public banks.

Turk “Isbank” and “Denizbank” told RIA Novosti on Monday that they have stopped serving Russian Mir cards. They noted that the decision was made in connection with the sanctions of the United States and Great Britain against the Russian Federation. RIA Novosti explained in the press service of the payment system that the acceptance and commissioning of cards of the Mir payment system in foreign banks, in particular Turkish banks, will depend on the position of credit institutions.

Source: Ria

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