EconomyHeating cost in Austria will increase by 50 percent...

Heating cost in Austria will increase by 50 percent on average


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Central heating bills will increase by 50 percent on average in Austria

VIENNA, 23 September – RIA Novosti. Central heating bills in Austria will increase by 50% on average this year. should From an article in the Kleine Zeitung newspaper.

According to the publication, the cost of central heating in Vienna “will double since autumn.” The newspaper also writes that this year, the price of this service will increase by 65 percent for approximately 100 thousand households in the state of Styria.

“Customers will see the price on the 2022 bill be 20 to 40 percent higher than in 2021,” Kelag Energie & Wärme, the main energy supplier in the federal state of Carinthia, told the Kleine Zeitung.

Austrian President Alexander van der Bellen previously said in an interview with the Kronen Zeitung newspaper that Austria will “get through the winter” in the midst of the EU’s energy crisis, but “there may be less warming”. He added that he is assessing the country’s economy’s prospects of dealing with the energy crisis with “cautious optimism”.

Earlier, the leader of the opposition right-wing nationalist party FPÖ, Herbert Kickl, accused the Austrian government of hiding the truth from the public – the republic will not be able to abandon Russian oil and Russian gas for a long time, short-term plans The politician said that the change of supply and the structure of the energy market “desires, all built on sand said it was ‘. He added that against the background of the rejection of Russian energy carriers, Europe is facing “the biggest economic disaster since the Second World War”.

In mid-September, mass protests by trade unions took place in Vienna and other parts of Austria. Participants demanded decisive action from the authorities in the fight against inflation and rising energy prices.

Source: Ria


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