Media: EU countries may delay signing an agreement on oil price ceilings

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Bloomberg: EU may delay Russia oil price ceiling deal due to disagreements

MOSCOW, September 26 – RIA Novosti. EU member states may delay the signing of an agreement on setting a ceiling price for Russian oil due to existing disagreements, transmits The Bloomberg agency cites sources.

According to the publication, the document can only be signed after a broader sanctions package has been agreed.

It has been announced that Hungary and Cyprus oppose a ceiling on oil prices from Russia and require the unanimous support of all EU countries to sign an agreement.

Earlier, Bloomberg reported that union members are making efforts to reach the aforementioned agreements within a few weeks, and this mood intensified after partial mobilization was announced in Russia.

The finance ministers of the G7 countries confirmed their intention to impose price restrictions on Russian oil on September 2. It is planned to set the limit on December 5 for fuel and February 5, 2023 for petroleum products.

As Vladimir Putin said while commenting on this initiative, Russia will not supply anything abroad if it is against its own interests.

Who is Russia selling oil to?
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Who is Russia selling oil to?



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