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Post: Release of flu and coronavirus tests in Moscow’s SEZ district increased ninefold


Coronavirus test. Archive photo

MOSCOW, September 29 – RIA Novosti. According to the press service of the City’s Department of Investment and Industrial Policy (DIPP), the incumbent company SEZ “Technopolis Moscow” managed to increase the production of express tests for the detection of coronavirus and flu ninefold in three months.

“The manufacturer from the Technopolis Moscow special economic zone has increased the production of combined kits for the detection of COVID-19 and flu nine times in three months, as well as tests for the detection of coronavirus. This will replace imported analogues on the market. Thanks DIPP head Vladislav Ovchinsky, for this Imbian Lab “External “It will significantly expand the geography of deliveries to markets.”

According to him, the company also increased express tests for the antigen for COVID-19, lgG / lgM antibodies for Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and DPR by one and a half times.

The laboratories and production areas of the company are located at the site of SEZ “Alabushevo”. According to the report, the company plans to manufacture up to 50 diagnostic systems here.

“We are trying to make the diagnosis of infectious diseases as simple and fast as possible. Treatment tactics depend on timely diagnosis, which can reduce the duration of the disease and reduce the risk of complications.” quoted in the message.

Source: Ria

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