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Post: Deputy Mayor Efimov: Special statuses give the opportunity to support 140 companies


Moscow Deputy Mayor Vladimir Efimov

MOSCOW, September 29 – RIA Novosti. Deputy Mayor for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations Vladimir Yefimov said that the number of metropolitan companies that receive tax relief due to special status has reached 140.

“We continue to support investment activities in the capital. For example, we give special statuses to enterprises that allow us to reduce the regional tax burden by 17-25%. Today, 140 Moscow companies from various sectors enjoy these advantages. At the same time, 66 enterprises have the status of industrial complex, 42 – technopark, 18 – anchor residents, 14 – investment priority projects. The total volume of their investments over the past five years has exceeded 153 billion rubles.”

The Moscow government is confident that tax preferences attract manufacturing companies to the capital, which gives the city the opportunity to supply goods at a lower price and at the same time create additional employment.

“In total, companies with the status of residents of industrial complexes, technoparks and anchors invested 113.5 billion rubles in the development of production, and enterprises with the status of investment priority projects another 39.7 billion rubles. This year, Vladislav Ovchinsky, head of the investment and investment department of the Capital, said that the anti-crisis “As part of the support, businesses do not need to confirm eligibility for special statuses – they will all be automatically extended. This measure will allow companies to maintain their tax benefits.” Industrial policy.

In March 2022, the Moscow government approved measures to support enterprises, including more than 80 preferences that ensure the smooth functioning of production, localization of high-tech companies and employment promotion.

Source: Ria

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