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Post: WETEX is a global platform for innovation and technology in sustainability


Hussam Abdulnabi (Dubai)

The largest companies participating in the 24th Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition (WETEX) and Dubai Solar Energy will showcase a range of new technologies and innovations, making WETEX a global platform for sustainability innovation and technology.
During the exhibition visit, the Union saw a range of innovative products, services and technologies in the areas of energy, water, sustainability, green technology, clean and renewable energy, green buildings, electric vehicles and other vital sectors.
The exhibition showcased many advanced innovative technologies in water sustainability and water infrastructure, water treatment and purification, water purification, water flow control, sewage treatment, sewage disposal, extracting water from the air and much more.
Eduardo Riccio, general director of Neolis, a company specializing in clean water and green energy, said the company is demonstrating its technologies in effluent treatment plants in urban and industrial areas, where technology is also characterized by mitigating risks and reducing costs. . .
In turn, James De Arezzo, president and CEO of Aquawater-X, revealed during the fair the launch of the American company’s new “deepwater location” technology, which is based on satellite data and software algorithms. Underground water.
Naji Skaf, Xylem’s managing director for the Middle East and Turkey, said the company will showcase its latest technologies in the water and wastewater sector, including a range of products designed to improve efficiency and maintain high performance. As part of the fair, the company will showcase its most distinctive technology, the N-Driver, which it has developed to monitor the wastewater industry and identify key challenges, providing 50% more real-time data to ensure maintenance is unscheduled. is not affected. caused by blockages or accumulations. By reducing waste and increasing fuel efficiency by 25%, the technology reduces the cost of unplanned downtime, contributing to significant long-term savings.
Skaff explained that the recently released MAS801 technology is an effective 24/7 monitoring tool for pump data and constant fault monitoring, and through the option of remote control and the ability to collect data and predicting optimal service for the pumps supports this technology. The technology is a station digitization process, indicating that the high-quality “Cordonel” multifunctional network sensor can be used in a wide range of services as well as large commercial, industrial and agricultural applications.

smart buildings
Johnson Controls, a world leader in smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, highlights a wide range of energy solutions used in buildings, including OpenBlue services for high-performance cooling systems, Metasys for building automation systems, as well as energy efficiency. and air systems, fire extinguishing. equipment, etc.
Mohamed Khaled, Johnson Controls vice president and general manager for the Middle East and North Africa, said the company offers innovative and efficient energy efficiency products, solutions and services that are equipped with comprehensive, integrated building technologies. Safer, smarter and more sustainable campuses and cities.

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energy solutions
On the other hand, you Madhava Daz, Director and Executive Vice President of Larsen & Toubro, said that WETEX provides a global platform and an opportunity to showcase the capabilities of the company, which is an important player in the areas of energy transmission and distribution. , renewable energy, integrated and end-to-end solutions. – Complete services from design, manufacturing, delivery and installation. He noted that the company meets the essential needs of its customers in more than 30 countries around the world.
Daz confirmed that the company offers flexible solutions for renewable energy generation from monocrystalline to bicrystalline photovoltaic technologies, with core or filament transformers and fixed or tracked solutions for harsh desert conditions, noting that the company has managed to implement more than 10 hydraulic infrastructure projects in the region. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is valued at $1 billion to date, with a significant presence in the UAE, Oman and Qatar, and in 2019 the company was contracted to implement the waste water treatment plant from Jebel Ali. Capacity 375 million liters per day.

Eletric cars
A group of leading local and international companies specializing in electric vehicles will showcase their latest products and services during the 24th edition of the fair, including the M Glory electric vehicle factory, the first of its kind in the UAE to produce electric vehicles. With high European specifications, following the latest technologies of the fourth industrial revolution.
“Stellants”, an international company specialized in the production of automobiles, also participates through 4 different types of electric vehicles. In addition, EVS, which specializes in electric vehicle maintenance and the first of its kind in the UAE, offers its leading services in the region.

Source: Al Ittihad

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