EconomyKuzbass projects in metallurgy and IT will receive federal...

Kuzbass projects in metallurgy and IT will receive federal support


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Kuzbass technological projects in the field of metallurgy and IT will receive federal support

KEMEROVO, September 30 – RIA Novosti. The press service of the regional government reported that the technological projects of Kuzbass in the field of metallurgy and IT will receive federal support.

The Innovation Assistance Fund has summarized the results of various competitions under its grant support program for promising technological developments that are in the early stages of development but have significant potential.

“Talented, active, promising people live in Kuzbass, and all possible conditions are created in the region for the implementation of their initiatives. Support measures are provided to entrepreneurs, including the technology sector, Kuzbass Technopark, where you can get advice, operates. Recognition and support of the development of our scientists, also at the federal level This shows how important they are not only for the development of our region, but for the development of the whole country.” Governor Sergei Tsivilev said in a statement.

It is stated that entrepreneur Olesya Degtyarenko from Novokuznetsk won the Start-1 Digital Technologies competition. The fund’s experts liked the warehouse management software product, which uses augmented reality (AR) technologies. The developed software is designed to automate warehouse management, accounting and analytics and allows you to optimize internal warehouse processes. The software works on AR-glasses and also as a mobile app. The Innovation Assistance Fund will allocate four million rubles for the further development and implementation of the project throughout the year.

One of the winners in the direction “New materials and chemical technologies” was the teacher of SibGIU Daria Feiler with the project to develop the chemical and component compositions of thermal insulation mixtures for the metallurgical industry. The compositions are designed to protect the metal melt (cast iron, steel) from heat losses during processing, handling and transportation. Kuzbass scientists recommend using technological materials for the manufacture of thermal insulation mixtures (dust from ferrosilicon production, dolomite screenings, ash from thermal power plants). The use of industrial wastes will also improve the ecological situation in regions with developed metallurgical industries. In addition, the introduction of technology in metallurgical enterprises will require a reduction in energy costs and resources and a reduction in the amount of emissions and waste to maintain the temperature of the metal at the required level. The Innovation Assistance Fund will allocate four million rubles throughout the year for further research and testing of technology.

The Innovation Assistance Fund is one of the largest federal development institutions providing grants to Russian technology projects. The fund’s programs are focused on helping start-ups and youth development, as well as supporting successfully operating industries that plan to develop and launch a range of new innovative products or expand the production of already established ones.

Source: Ria


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