Post: Sber began accepting applications for credit holidays from all military personnel

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Sber began accepting applications for a credit vacation from all military personnel and their families

MOSCOW, September 30 – RIA Novosti. In the statement made by the credit institution, it was stated that Sberbank began to accept preliminary applications for credit holidays of all military personnel and their families in Russia.

“From September 30, 2022, individual customers of Sberbank can submit a preliminary application for loan restructuring under the state program for military personnel,” the bank said.

They announced that it can be used by military personnel who are mobilized in the Russian Armed Forces, undergoing military service or contract service, employees of the National Guard, law enforcement and border guards involved in special operations, as well as volunteers who have signed on. military contract. In addition, family members in all categories listed above are also entitled to benefit from credit holidays.

“We have already decided to accept applications for this program. It is extremely important for Sberbank to support our customers in the current situation and give them confidence that there will be no problems with their loans during the service period. Kirill Tsarev, First Vice Chairman of the Board of Sberbank, with the enactment of the law, our clients will “Applicants will be able to take advantage of credit holidays immediately under the new conditions of the state program.”

As part of the program, military personnel will be able to receive a deferral for mortgages, consumer loans, credit cards throughout their entire service life and for an additional 30 days after its expiration. The program is valid until 31 December 2023.

It was stated that the program is also valid for individual entrepreneurs who have used personal loans. For other categories of citizens who take loans and mobilize for business development, Sberbank has its own restructuring program.

Source: Ria

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