Post: It was explained to the Russians that it is better to spend the currency now

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Analyst Antonov advised to transfer the currency to the yuan in anticipation of the weakening of the ruble

MOSCOW, October 4 – RIA Novosti. Russian investors face risks and a choice between dollar and euro diversification. said agency “Prime” financial analyst BitRiver Vladislav Antonov.

According to the expert, Western sanctions led to a decrease in demand for the American currency in Russia. Against this background, investors can either take risks and take losses or wait for the ruble to weaken.

“The risks are liability. Here either fix a loss or wait for the ruble to weaken and sell with minimal losses. You can wait too long, as imports are growing slowly and market mechanisms in the foreign exchange market are not working, Antonov explained.

He noted that those who do not want to experience losses can convert their currency to yuan.

The analyst added that it is best to sell dollars, as there is a risk that the Moscow Exchange will stop trading in the currency of unfriendly countries. Antonov emphasized that the best investment tool at the moment is the ruble.

Source: Ria

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