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Post: The Ministry of Finance paid coupons in rubles for Eurobonds that expire in 2042


The building of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation on Ilyinka Street in Moscow. Archive photo

The Ministry of Finance paid a coupon of 4.9 billion rubles for Eurobonds due in 2042

MOSCOW, October 5 – RIA Novosti. The Russian Ministry of Finance paid the entire coupon in rubles for the sovereign Eurobond issue, which expires in 2042. Message ministries.

The agent paying for Eurobonds National Settlement Depot (NSD) received funding of 4.9 billion rubles ($84.4 million equivalent) to pay off coupon income on the issue.

“Thus, the obligations of the Russian Federation to serve state securities have been fully fulfilled by the Russian Ministry of Finance,” the ministry said.

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, in accordance with the presidential decree of June 22, passed a new procedure for fulfilling the obligations of sovereign Eurobonds providing payments in rubles.

Source: Ria

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