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Post: EU announces way to freeze assets of Russian investors


Flags with symbols of the European Union near the European Commission building in Brussels - RIA Novosti, 1920, 07.10.2022
Flags with symbols of the European Union at the European Commission building in Brussels. Archive photo

RBC: EU allowed Russian investors to freeze assets to complete contracts

MOSCOW, October 7 – RIA Novosti. The European Commission has allowed the authorities of EU countries to freeze the assets of Russian investors. This has been reported RBC Refer to the EU official journal.

As stated in EU resolutions on the eighth package of sanctions against Russia, bodies such as finance ministries and other regulators may provide “funds and economic resources” to the Russian National Settlement Depot, but “as the competent authorities see fit”. It is also emphasized that the freeze can certainly be approved for the completion of operations, contracts and other agreements signed before June 3 this year.

The European Commission states that “The Member State of the European Union must notify the other Member States and the Commission of any authorization granted pursuant to this paragraph, within two weeks of receiving the authorization.” said.

Earlier, the European Union agreed on the eighth anti-Russian sanctions package, providing sectoral and personal restrictions. The extension of personal sanctions includes a ban on the transport of oil to third countries by sea from December at a price above the as yet undetermined limit, and oil products from February 2023.

The EU also imposed restrictions on the import of finished products from steel, machinery, tools, chemicals and materials for the manufacture of jewelry not made of gold, banned the export to Russia of electronic components suitable for weapons and aerospace technical products. . In addition, the provision of consulting, legal and IT services to Russian companies, as well as the provision of online cryptocurrency wallets for Russian individuals and legal entities is prohibited.

Source: Ria

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