EconomyMoscow entrepreneurs launched the project "We do not abandon...

Moscow entrepreneurs launched the project “We do not abandon ourselves”


Russians mobilized in the training center. Archive photo

Business in Moscow raised about ten million rubles a day to help mobilize

MOSCOW, October 7 – RIA Novosti. Members of the Moscow Council of Entrepreneurs launched the project “We do not quit our own business” – the action arose from an attempt to support the individual leaders of the capital’s companies, their mobilized workers, the Moscow business protection center, under which the council is located. He said it was created.

“Council activists raised a donation to support military personnel through a special fund for the development of creative entrepreneurship” Business in the Name of Faith “. In the first hours after the start of the project, council members transferred about ten million rubles for support. It will be enough for the staff of 0.000 first aid kits.

The organizers of the action plan to collect at least 90 million rubles to send 10,000 first aid kits to the soldiers.

“When such a project was proposed to be launched, we relied on the targeted responses from the company executives involved, but the majority of the council members got into action very quickly. Today we see a demand from other entrepreneurs for the opportunity to participate in this project. Many of them are ready to transfer some of their profits to help the soldiers, but they don’t know how to do this.We invite everyone to join our project. -The message is a capital quote.

Sberbank supported the initiative and canceled commissions from money transfers in favor of the fund. Transfer commissions for the purchase of necessary goods will also not be collected from the charity’s own account. You can participate in the “We Don’t Let Ourselves” project and donate through the “Deed for Faith” foundation. The first batch of first aid kits is scheduled to be shipped in mid-October.

The Moscow Entrepreneurs Council at the Moscow City Business Protection Headquarters consists of 128 heads of capital companies, experts and representatives of cooperation. It is a permanent platform for dialogue between business and authorities. Council members develop initiatives to improve legislation and new support measures.

According to the presidential decree, since September 21, partial mobilization continues in Russia. According to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, it is necessary to control the 1,000-kilometer front line and liberated areas in Ukraine. A total of 300 thousand people will be called – that is, about one of about 80 people in the reserve and mobilization reserve, and above all those who already have combat experience. According to the latest data from the Russian Ministry of Defense, it has reached more than 200,000 mobilized soldiers.

Source: Ria

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