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Post: Application for banking transactions “SBOL” is available on the App Store


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SBOL app with Sberbank services is back on the App Store

MOSCOW, October 10 – RIA Novosti. According to an RIA Novosti correspondent, the SBOL application, which allows Sberbank customers to use the bank’s services with their iOS devices, has been re-launched on the App Store.

You can go to the app download page by entering the name of the iosPlatform developer in the search bar in the App Store.

In mid-August, the company Open IT Solutions released the SBOL banking aggregator, which offers opportunities for online banking, on the App Store, after which Sberbank joined the service. The bank noted that they advise customers with Apple devices that have not yet installed the Sberbank Online application to use the new application. At the end of August, the app was removed from the App Store, although the SBOL service itself continued to work.

In the spring of this year, the US imposed sanctions on Sberbank, as a result of which its mobile application was removed from the App Store and Google Play. At the same time, applications that were previously installed on mobile devices continue to work to this day.

Source: Ria

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