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Post: PSB promotes the implementation of Chuvashia’s ESG principles


MOSCOW, 10 October – RIA Novosti. According to the press service of the bank, the authorities of the PSB and Chuvashia signed a “road map” for the implementation of sustainable development projects and the implementation of the “green” agenda in the republic.

The document was signed within the framework of the previously signed bilateral cooperation agreement.

In particular, the Roadmap provides specific steps for the development of ESG principles in the region – the creation of an expert council and a special working group, the preparation of a strategy for the sustainable development of the region and a list of investment projects, the development of mechanisms for attracting funds to the region using ESG tools, training under the auspices of the republic Participation in events and forums.

Cooperation with the Chuvash Republic in the field of integration of ESG principles was the first pilot project for PSB as part of the bank’s active work on the implementation of sustainable development projects in the Russian regions. The leadership of Chuvashia, who is interested in the intensive and effective development of ESG projects, sees how and we have great potential. We will use the experience of cooperation with the republic in the implementation of “green” initiatives in other parts of the country,” said PSB Anton Drozdov, quoted by the press service of the bank.

The vice-president of the PSB attended the meeting of the Supreme Economic Council of Chuvashia on environmental issues, the ESG economy and the prospects for financing green economy projects in the republic.

Among the priority financial instruments for sustainable development, Drozdov named “green” and transitional bonds in the hope of attracting investment in “green” projects in Chuvashia through financial instruments for the sustainable development of the stock market.

Source: Ria

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