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Post: Sberbank warns of a new phone scam scheme


Sberbank office worker. Archive photo

Sberbank warns of a new phone scam scheme with fake letters

MOSCOW, October 11 – RIA Novosti. Sberbank warns of a new phone scam scheme: attackers send letters threatening to block an account on behalf of various online services, try to make a phone call, and then extort card data, says as a message to a credit institution.

“We want to warn you about a new scam scheme. Attackers send letters on behalf of various online services with the following threat: “Your account will be blocked for suspicious activity. Call the support service “So scammers provoke a phone call,” the bank said through its official channel on Telegram messenger.

Then users, afraid to lose access to the service, call the number indicated in the letter, and the “operator” begins to persuade: in order not to get on the “black list”, you need to provide bank card details, install an application. or transfer money.

The instruction would make a lot of sense, but it’s all just a scam to get your savings, the bank warns.

Sberbank advises in such cases to make a slow decision, call the number on the official website of the service yourself, and never reveal your card details to strangers.

Source: Ria

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