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Post: The expert predicted the devaluation of all world currencies


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Expert Grigoriev said that due to the devaluation of all world currencies, it hurts poor countries.

MOSCOW, October 12 – RIA Novosti. The devaluation of all currencies as a result of a series of economic shocks will hit the poorest countries the hardest. said Russia Vladimir Grigoriev People’s Friendship University Institute of World Economy and Science “Prime Minister” Associate Professor.

According to the expert, the world monetary system is now unstable due to a long chain of events that began in 1991. The result of the crises of the last three decades has been an imbalance in the budgets of most countries, which has led to the inevitable devaluation of their currencies. Grigoriev noted that countries with weak economies will suffer the most from this process, followed by Western Europe and Japan, and only then the USA.

The analyst added that the US could relax with the strengthening of the dollar. At the same time, the currencies of Asian, African and Latin American countries are also entering the risk zone.

The expert emphasized that the Ruble has actually withdrawn from the global financial system, so the “storms” in the market did not affect it.

Source: Ria

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