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Post: Customs subcommittee approves grain export quota of 25.5 million tons


Combines wheat harvest in the Novosibirsk region. archive photo

The customs sub-commission increased the grain export quota to 25.5 million tons in 2023.

MOSCOW, November 14 – RIA Novosti. The customs and tariff regulation subcommittee of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation approved the proposal of the Ministry of Agriculture to increase the grain export quota to 25.5 million tons in 2023. reported Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko.

“The Customs and Tariff Regulation Subcommittee of the Ministry of Economy supported the proposal of the Ministry of Agriculture to increase the quotas for grain exports (wheat, meslin, rye, barley and corn – ed. exports) in 2023. In the statement made on the official Telegram channel of the Deputy Prime Minister. It was stated that “it increased to 25.5 million tons”.

Abramchenko reminded that this year Russia broke a historical record by harvesting more than 150 million tons of grain. For this reason, he emphasized that in the most important positions of agricultural products, the domestic needs of the country are fully met and additional opportunities are provided for increasing exports.

“Therefore, it is extremely important to use customs and tariff regulation tools and to reduce the barriers to selling products to foreign markets. Of course, although the domestic food market is a priority. We keep the balance – we feed ourselves and sell the surplus,” said Abramchenko.

One of the instruments that regulates the supply of grain products from the Russian Federation is the export quota, which was introduced in February 2021 as part of the government’s measures to curb the rise in food prices. The quota is distributed among exporters according to the volume of deliveries in the first half of the season. The volume of the tariff quota for the export of wheat and meslin (a mixture of wheat and rye) from the Russian Federation outside the EAEU from February 15 to June 30, 2022 is 8 million tons, for the export of rye, barley and corn – 3 million tons.

In mid-October, the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Dmitry Patrushev announced the proposal of the ministry to set the quota for export of grain from the Russian Federation in 2023 at 25 million tons without splitting into individual crops and allocate another 500 thousand. tons for export from Far East regions. In the agricultural year 2022-2023 (starting on 1 July 2022), the grain export potential is estimated by the ministry to be more than 50 million tons; According to the information released at the beginning of November, the grain harvest in the Russian Federation has been harvested from 95% of the area and is about 152 million tons.

Source: Ria

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