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Post: Technology and Innovation Support Center opened in Kuban


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Technology and Innovation Support Center opened in the Krasnodar Territory

KRASNODAR, 16 November – RIA Novosti. The regional administration said that the Technology and Innovation Support Center has been opened in the Krasnodar Territory, it will work on the basis of the regional Innovation Development Fund.

“Today the relevance of technology and innovation has increased more than ever. The process of import substitution, the development of our own production continues, and our enterprises need to replace the “falling” imported developments and rely on new domestic solutions. Last year, we created the Innovation Development Fund in the region for these purposes, now We are launching a Technology and Innovation Support Center to help inventors speed up all processes, including those related to intellectual property protection.The message quotes Alexander Ruppel, deputy governor of the region.

According to Vasily Vorobyov, head of the regional department for investment and development of small and medium-sized enterprises, on the basis of the fund, residents of the Krasnodar Territory can consult a patent attorney and get answers to their organizational questions. In addition, inventors, scientists and entrepreneurs will be able to use databases of patent information, submit applications and participate in various thematic and educational meetings.

“In the near future, we plan to hold a series of intellectual property events for innovators. Today, literacy is very important in the field of intellectual property protection. This will create the conditions for further technological development,” said its president, Olga Lukasheva. Innovation Development Fund of the Krasnodar Territory.

Source: Ria

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