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Post: Canada to issue bonds to support Ukraine


Bank of Canada. archive photo

Bank of Canada to Issue $374M in Bonds to Support Ukraine

WASHINGTON, November 18 – RIA Novosti. Canada will issue CAD 500 million (approximately US$ 374 million) five-year bonds at the end of November to support Ukraine financially. knowledgeable Canada Friday Bank.

“To give Canadians the opportunity to directly assist Ukraine, the country’s government has announced the issuance of Ukraine’s government bonds. Five-year bonds of C$500 million will be issued at the end of November 2022,” said the Bank of Canada. said Canada.

Canada has regularly provided humanitarian and defense assistance to Ukraine since February. Last week, during the G20 summit, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced an additional $500 million military aid package. Total allocations since February have already exceeded CAD 3.4 billion, according to the Canadian government.

Source: Ria

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