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Post: Ovchinsky: The shopping center in the south of Moscow will be created in the style of “organic architecture”


Shopping center “Sreda” in Moscow. archive photo

MOSCOW, November 21 – RIA Novosti. The new shopping center “Sreda”, built in the south of Moscow as part of the city’s program to create workspaces, will be designed in an organic architectural style that combines natural and industrial images. Investment and Industrial Policy (DIPP) reports.

“This year, Moscow signed an agreement with an investor to create jobs in the south of the capital. The developer, which is part of the Strana Development structure, will build an 8,000 square meter shopping mall. Elevatornaya Street Metal panels on the facades, sky-reflecting glass surfaces and sky-reflecting glass surfaces to organically fit into the development of the area. “under the tree” panels will be used The company will invest more than 774 million rubles in the implementation of the project, “said the head of the department Vladislav Ovchinsky.

The developer plans to commission the plant in March 2025. The new shopping center will be able to provide employment for 430 people.

According to Alexander Gaidukov, head of the Strana Development development company, a parking lot for 111 cars will be equipped next to the shopping center, including places for people with limited mobility. For the convenience of visitors, bicycle racks will also be installed.

“The mall will be clad in light wood and dark cassettes, and on the second floor level there will be a ledge where the restaurant will be located. It will house a food court and an entertainment centre. A conceptual multifunctional public space with a recreation area for visitors,” he said.

Due to the landscaped adjacent territory, the building fits into the surrounding landscape. Visitors and residents can relax under umbrellas on the benches in the shade of the trees or on the terrace.

The job creation program was launched in the capital in 2020. Its implementation will help solve commuting problems, reduce traffic and unload public transport. To do this, Moscow attracts investors to create new jobs, and in turn, the city benefits them when re-registering plots for residential construction. Today, 25 such agreements are implemented in Moscow, with a total investment of 106 billion rubles.

Source: Ria

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