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The Federation Council proposed to expand cooperation with the financial systems of friendly countries.


The building of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation in Moscow. archive photo

Zhuravlev, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council: It is necessary to expand cooperation with the financial systems of friendly countries

MOSCOW, November 22 – RIA Novosti. Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Nikolai Zhuravlev said that in order to strengthen and develop the Russian economy, it is necessary to expand interaction with the financial systems of friendly countries, improve international settlement systems.

“First of all, this concerns the payment and clearing infrastructure for interaction with the main partners from friendly countries. This includes connecting partner banks to financial messaging systems, expanding the network of mutual correspondent accounts in national currencies and the geography of accepting Mir payment cards, – the politician said at the Finance University forum .

The Vice-Chairman of the Federation Council noted that another task is the restoration of the institution of state guarantees, which is not yet fully used and needs to be adapted. “Legislation needs to be changed to make guarantees irrevocable and unconditional. This tool will help attract funds to the economy,” he thinks.

The senator also focused on the increasing role of domestic financial resources, the development of projects and companies that will contribute to the transformation of the economy, the strengthening of the domestic infrastructure in the fields of audit and rating, and the creation of reliable domestic news agencies and price indicators. . “We have developed a draft law aimed at creating a national system of transparent and understandable price indicators,” Zhuravlev said. said.

According to the senator, it was largely possible to retain positions on capital investments while finalizing the federal budget. “The government has supported this approach. It’s not just about developing infrastructure for citizens and businesses, it’s also about a strong driver of economic growth due to the multiplier effect. This is what should be emphasized during the implementation of the budget.” said the legislator.

Talking about investment budget loans, Zhuravlev noted that this is a demanding, self-paying mechanism aimed at improving regional infrastructure. The Senator reminded that on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation, another new tool will appear – industrial clusters, which will ensure guaranteed demand for products using the extended mechanism of a private investment contract (SPIC), and at the same time provide an opportunity. obtaining preferential loans for import substitution production.

Modernized research and development (R&D) management systems, agreements with leading companies, experimental legal regimes and lighthouse projects will also be important tools, the Senator said. In addition, it is important to build new cooperatives and logistics chains, to establish the necessary infrastructure for export, these studies are currently being actively carried out.

According to Zhuravlev, an important task is to ensure the development of new transport corridors, to increase the capacity of railways and the transfer capacity of ports. It is necessary to ensure the implementation of measures to develop the transition potential in the East, Azov-Black Sea and North-South directions, to accelerate the reconstruction and development of the Eastern Railway Range, and to reconstruct the highway and railway control points. In the Far East,” he concluded.

Source: Ria

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