EconomyGas "placed" in Ukraine in Moldova was called a...

Gas “placed” in Ukraine in Moldova was called a reserve


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The building of the residence of the President of Moldova in Chisinau. archive photo

Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister Spinu: Gas “placed” in Ukraine is a reserve and will be paid

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KISINEV, 23 November – RIA Novosti. The gas remaining in Ukraine belongs to Moldova, these are its reserves, declaration Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Infrastructure Andrei Spinu.

Earlier, Gazprom reported that the amount of gas supplied in transit to Moldova via Ukraine exceeds the amount actually transferred at the Ukraine-Moldova border. The company reduced the supply of fuel through the station “Sudzha” in the amount of insufficient daily supply.

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Spinu said on his Telegram channel, “Gazprom’s remaining gas quantities in Ukraine are our savings and our reserves stored in warehouses in Ukraine. Let’s make it clear here that all of these volumes have been paid and will be paid by our country.”

According to him, all the gas supplied to Moldova enters the country, just before that part is stored in Ukraine. Some of the reserves are also located in Romania.

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Moldovan minister, “Moldova already has more than 200 million m3 of natural gas. Pressure, blackmail, threat no longer take place. We are gaining our energy independence together.”

According to Gazprom’s report, on 21 November Moldovagaz paid part of the November deliveries to the Russian state agency, as per the contract. In November, the volume of gas actually supplied, whose payment for existing supplies was violated, was 24,945 million cubic meters, while the total accumulated settlement volume in Ukraine is 52.52 million cubic meters.

In October last year, Moldovan authorities agreed to extend the gas supply contract, subject to the audit of Moldovagaz company’s debt in 2022.

Gazprom claims that, taking into account the situation in the republic, they decided to actually sign the contract on the terms of the Moldovan side. At the same time, the Russian side reserved the right to completely stop the gas supply to the country in case Moldovagaz violated its payment obligation and the terms of concluding an agreement on the payment of the historical debt. In November, Chisinau will receive 51 percent of the country’s gas needs.

Now the country is experiencing an energy crisis due to rising energy prices. Authorities plan to reduce gas consumption in winter by at least 15 percent. Earlier, Moldovagaz announced that from November 1, Russia will reduce its gas supply. Of the total 5.7 million cubic meters supplied by Gazprom, Moldova will receive 3.4 million and Transnistria 2.3 million per day.

Source: Ria

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