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Post: In the DPR, the Kalchik granite quarry resumed operation after an outage


Kalchik granite quarry. video frame

DPR Prime Minister Hotsenko announced the resumption of work at the Kalchik granite quarry

HIGH (DPR), November 25 – RIA Novosti. In the Donetsk People’s Republic, after an outage, the Kalchik granite quarry started working again. reported According to reporters on Friday, the head of government of the DPR Vitaliy Khotsenko during an inspection of the facilities in the Volodarsky district of the republic.

“Today, the leadership of the state company Nedra actually started a quarry that was working recently but producing about 60,000 tons of rock mass per month, now it produces 3 times as much. Maybe even more depends on the amount of equipment used,” he said.

He noted that the republican government has taken measures to support production and business, which will increase employment and allow them to purchase equipment in quantities that will produce even more products.

“We have support measures such as leasing, so the government agency will now look at the possibilities of leasing to buy equipment, to buy equipment. This will allow us to increase the number of people here and produce more products,” he said. said the Minister.

Earlier, on the Telegram channel, Hotsenko wrote that the Kalchik quarry belongs to the real sector of the economy, on which the significant industrial potential of the DPR is based.

The Kalchik quarry, whose industrial development began 75 years ago, is located in the Cherdaklinskoye syenite deposit. The residual reserve of the quarry is approximately 46 million cubic meters of very high quality granite.

Source: Ria

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