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Post: Poland will freeze gas tariffs, but bills will rise by 23 percent


The Baltic Pipe natural gas pipeline in Budno, Poland. archive photo

Polish minister Moscow: Gas tariffs in the country will be frozen, but bills will increase by 23 percent

WARSAW, 25 November – RIA Novosti. Polish Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moscow said the Polish government will freeze gas tariffs, but bills will still rise by 23%.

According to Moscow, the relevant bill is currently being considered by the government and will soon be adopted. “The main thing is that the gas tariff for households is frozen at this year’s level,” the minister told reporters.

He added that there will be another change in gas prices – the government will bring the VAT rate on this fuel back to 23% instead of zero, which was lowered a few months ago to keep prices under control.

The government estimates that the freeze gas tariffs will cost the budget around PLN 30 billion (about $6.66 billion) per year.

On April 27, Gazprom suspended gas exports from Polish PGNiG and Bulgarian Bulgargaz due to non-payment in rubles for deliveries under the new scheme. This was followed by a sharp rise in energy, heat and electricity prices.

The West has stepped up sanctions pressure on Russia through Ukraine, which has led to higher electricity, fuel and food prices in Europe and the US. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that cheap and reliable Russian energy sources are a competitive advantage for Europe, and even their partial rejection has already had a negative impact on its economy and residents. And the US forcing the EU to completely reject Russian energy carriers and other sources has led to the deindustrialization of Europe, he said.

Source: Ria

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