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Post: Analyst named three countries facing currency crisis


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Analyst Kochetkov warns of risk of currency crisis in UK, Japan and US

MOSCOW, November 26 – RIA Novosti. Developing countries often face a currency crisis (when there is a sharp devaluation of the national currency and there is great volatility), but in modern conditions, the prerequisites for such shocks are increasing in developed countries such as the UK, Japan and the United States. , aforementioned Agency “Prime Minister” Andrey Kochetkov, Principal Analyst at Otkritie Investments.

The expert states that the currency crisis in countries such as Turkey, Sri Lanka and Argentina is not surprising, but that even England is facing problems. As soon as the country’s former leadership started talking about tax cuts and increased spending, the pound fell drastically – without any real preconditions.

The worsening of external conditions becomes critical for Japan, which has a very high public debt to GDP (230%): its national currency is falling sharply.

The risks for the dollar are already rising: the inevitable rise in the US debt level could lead to a devaluation due to the shortage of funds to buy US government bonds. The expert therefore concludes that the regulators of the three developed countries may soon find themselves in a difficult situation.

Source: Ria

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