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Post: Financier warns where you need to get your money urgently


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Financier Valishvili warns of the risks of investing in dollars, euros and cryptocurrencies

MOSCOW, November 28 – RIA Novosti. In the face of the instability of the stock market and the difficulties associated with “hostile” currencies, it is better to invest in protective OFZs or foreign currency assets of friendly countries. talked about it speech “Prime Minister” Associate Professor of the Department of State and Municipal Finance of the Russian University of Economics. G.V. Plekhanov Mary Valishvili.

According to the expert, when choosing stocks, you should look at the securities of companies with stable demand, such as retailers. Also, money can be invested in particularly discounted government or corporate bonds or foreign currency assets of friendly countries.

“However, if you’ve built a high-quality, diversified portfolio of institutional securities, it’s not appropriate to get rid of them right now,” says the expert.

Valishvili added that funds should not be diverted to “toxic” euros and dollars because of possible additional fees and other difficulties.

“Toxic” currencies do not have a direct threat of collapse, but additional difficulties arise: the introduction of negative interest rates on foreign currency deposits, as well as an increase in bank fees for servicing foreign currency accounts,” Prime quotes expert.

He stressed that investing in cryptocurrencies is also not recommended.

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