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Post: The Central Bank announced the solution to many problems, the credit holidays were mobilized


The national flag of Russia on the building of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. archive photo

Central Bank: Almost all legitimate complaints about credit holidays mobilized

MOSCOW, November 28 – RIA Novosti. Citizens’ problems with mobile credit holidays are mainly of an informative and technical nature, several dozen complaints were justified and almost all problems with them were resolved – holidays were given, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the Bank of the Bank. Russia.

“The Bank of Russia receives requests for the provision of credit holidays (mobilize – ed.). We find that the problems are mainly of an informational and technical nature – either banks needed a certain amount of time to complete their IT systems, or bank employees or applicants are interested in the conditions of credit holidays and they are not adequately informed about the procedure for providing them.

Therefore, the majority of regulatory appeals for mobilized credit holidays are actually law enforcement requests. In particular, the Central Bank reminded that, according to the law, the automatic status check, activated by banks through the information system of the Federal Tax Service, began to work only from November 23.

“The few dozen objections are legitimate complaints – and often the problems were related to software improvement, in other cases – the request for supporting documents. Every complaint is being investigated, almost all are now resolved, Borrowers are granted vacations,” he said.

If a mobilized person or his relatives are faced with refusing to give vacations, delaying decisions on them, unreasonable demands, you need to contact the Bank of Russia, which reminds the Central Bank. “We will check this information and make necessary clarifications to the applicant, or we will take supervisory measures against banks or other financial institutions if we see that mobilizers are violating their right to receive a credit holiday,” the message said.

Now mobilized citizens and their relatives are entitled to a credit holiday for consumer loans (loans) received before mobilization or participation in the SVO. Such holidays are granted for the period of service under the contract or mobilization, or the period of participation in special operations, increased by 30 days. This grace period is as long as inpatient treatment for an injury or illness received during an SVR.

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