Post: Additional “Far East hectares” given to 37 people in the Amur region

Presentation of ideas for the development of “far Eastern hectares”. archive photo

BLAGOVESCHENSK, 29 November – RIA Novosti. Governor Vasily Orlov said that about 40 people received an additional “Far East hectares” in the Amur Region in six months and mastered the first.

“For six months, 37 people were given an additional “Far East hectares” in the Amur Region. Almost half of them – 19 – in the municipal district of Ivanovo. 17 – for agricultural needs or personal side plots, 2 more for production activities. A second hectare for free In order to be able to buy it, it is necessary to take ownership of the first one and use it actively,” he said.

Orlov noted that in the Amur region, the land is most often used for agriculture – about 66%, the other 28% develop sports, tourism or other business in these areas, about 6% build houses in the “Far Eastern hectares”.

Since the beginning of the program, over 9.2 thousand plots of land have been awarded in the Amur Region. According to the Minister of Property Relations Sergei Oliferov, the requirements are simplified for those who want to register one “Far Eastern hectare” every year. From 2020, it is possible to register plots ahead of schedule. This allows a potential borrower to provide land as collateral when applying for a mortgage to build a house on this site.

Earlier, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin proposed to extend the right to receive land under the ownership or long-term lease under the Arctic and Far East hectares programs until March 1, 2023. More than 108,000 residents bought land in the Far East for more than six years.

Source: Ria

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