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Post: Switzerland notes high risk of gas shortages in winter


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Swiss Gas Industry Association draws attention to the high risk of gas shortages in winter

GENEVA, November 29 – RIA Novosti. According to a press release from the Swiss Gas Industry Association, the risks of gas shortages are still real in Switzerland this winter, a one degree drop in temperature means 10% energy savings.

“The current situation has certainly improved somewhat, but the risks of energy shortages remain very real for this winter. Europe faces serious difficulties in securing gas supplies also in the winter of 2023/24,” the document states.

The organization explains that heating a house one degree less means energy savings of around 10%.

“The Swiss gas industry supports the Federal Council’s calls for energy savings and aims to contribute to this by providing practical advice to reduce daily gas consumption,” said Daniel Decourtan, director of the association, in a press release.

Earlier, the Swiss Ministry of Economy presented a draft decision, after consultations, which, in the event of a gas shortage, provides for limiting the temperature in the rooms to 20 degrees, at the beginning of next year the agency will report on its advisability. imposition of fines for violators.

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