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Post: Evraev: Yaroslavl will receive another 1.3 billion rubles from the regional budget


Yaroslavl Kremlin (Chopped City) on the Volga bank in Yaroslavl. archive photo

YAROSLAVL, 3 December – RIA Novosti. The Governor of the Yaroslavl region Mikhail Evraev said that Yaroslavl will receive another 1.3 billion rubles during the adjustment of the regional budget.

According to the regional government, the governor presented to the regional Duma changes in the draft regional budget, which provided an increase of 7.1 billion rubles on the revenue side in connection with additional federal funds. In particular, it provides an increase in the amount of financial aid to Yaroslavl.

“The draft regional budget for the Yaroslavl urban region already includes financial assistance in the amount of 1.9 billion rubles. Through the changes, we plan to add another 1.3 billion rubles,” Evraev was quoted by the regional government’s press service. .

According to him, 363 million rubles of the additional amount will be directed to the resettlement of citizens from emergency housing, 382.5 million rubles – to increase the wages of workers in the field of education and culture, according to the President’s decisions. Russian Federation. The head of the district emphasized that 200 million rubles were provided for the completion of the construction of the school on Pashukovskaya Street and the purchase of equipment.

The governor also offered to allocate 158 million rubles from additional funds for measures to improve the safety of educational institutions in the city, and 180 million rubles for the maintenance of public roads of local importance.

In general, the regional government emphasizes that the distribution of inter-budgetary transfers from the regional budget to the city of Yaroslavl in 2023, taking into account changes, is 15.8 billion rubles. It is also planned to provide more subsidies for the repair and replacement of fences, as well as equipping schools and nurseries with warning systems in the first quarter of next year.

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Source: Ria

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