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Post: VTB suffers massive cyberattack from abroad


VTB Bank ATM on one of the streets of Moscow. archive photo

VTB suffered a massive cyber attack from abroad, the bank’s systems are working normally

MOSCOW, December 6 – RIA Novosti. The press service of the credit institution said that VTB has suffered an unprecedented DDoS attack from abroad, the bank’s systems are operating normally, but there may be temporary difficulties in the operation of VTB Online due to measures taken to repel a cyber attack.

“VTB reflects the largest DDoS attack. Currently, VTB’s technological infrastructure is under an unprecedented cyberattack from abroad. It has been the largest not just this year, but in the entire history of the bank,” the message said.

It was noted that the bank’s systems were operating normally. Customer data is protected from external interventions and resides in the internal environment of the bank’s technological infrastructure.

“In countering the actions of hackers attacking the outer contour of bank systems, experts are doing everything necessary and possible so that customers do not feel inconvenienced from using the services. However, when using countermeasures, temporary difficulties in performance banking applications and the web version of VTB Online are periodically possible We apologize for this situation and hope for your understanding.”

Analysis of the DDoS attack shows that it was planned and large-scale, its purpose was to annoy bank customers by preventing banking services from working.

“Most of the requests for the bank’s services during the attack were created from foreign parts of the Internet, but the presence of malicious traffic from Russian IP addresses is particularly alarming. We do not exclude that some of these Russian addresses may be among those who participated in the attack as a result of cyber fraud” – stated in the message.

Source: Ria

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