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Post: India launches world’s first gold coin ATM


Opening of Goldsikka ATM, which allows you to buy gold coins

India’s first gold coin ATM opens in Hyderabad

MOSCOW, December 6 – RIA Novosti. In the statement made by Goldsikka, it was stated that the world’s first ATM, which can buy gold with money with credit or debit cards, started to serve in Hyderabad, India. twitter.

The text of the release reads, “We are proud to announce that we have successfully launched the Golden ATM! We hope that this success will make India a golden feathered bird again”.

It is stated that you can get coins weighing 0.5 to 100 grams from the machine. The company explained that the feature of the ATM is that the price of gold on its screen is updated in real time according to the changes in the quotations of this precious metal on the London Stock Exchange.

“We are planning to install the next four machines in Hyderabad, including the airport. Then we will cover the whole country and then the whole world,” said Hrithika Mitra, vice president of Goldikka.

He added that “Golden” ATMs are equipped with cameras and voice alarm systems.

Private Indian company Goldsikka plans to install 3,000 such ATMs in India and enter the world market with its products.

Source: Ria

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