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Post: Chuvashia will assist Russian Railways in substituting imported equipment for dining wagons


Restaurant car of the Murmansk-Adler train. archive photo

Kitchen equipment produced in Chuvashia will replace imported equipment in Russian Railways dining cars

NIZHNY NOVGOROD, December 7 – RIA Novosti. Kitchen equipment produced by the Chuvash enterprise will replace the imported equipment in the Russian Railways dining cars, knowledgeable Oleg Nikolaev, head of Chuvashia.

“The process of import substitution reached the Russian Railways – thanks to the well-coordinated work of specialists from JSC Chuvashtorgtekhnika with the designers of TMH-Engineering and Tver Carriage Works (TVZ), combi steamer (kitchen equipment for heat treatment of products) – ed.) Abat, TVZ “The kitchen produced by Abat was developed for installation on dining wagons. Until these days, European brand products were installed on dining wagons. After leaving Russia, Abat designers quickly developed the Russian equivalent of the steam combi boiler.” its Telegram channel.

He stressed that this is not a trial delivery of several products. “There has been cooperation with the wagon manufacturer from Tver for a long time,” said Nikolaev.

The company “Chuvashtorgtekhnika” (Cheboksary) produces professional equipment for public catering establishments in Russia and the CIS.

Source: Ria

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