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Post: Avtodom expects to sign an agreement to buy Mercedes within a month


Cars of the German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz at a car dealership in the Moscow region. archive photo

Avtodom expects to sign an agreement to buy Mercedes within a month

MOSCOW, December 12 – RIA Novosti. “Avtodom” expects to complete the agreement to purchase the Mercedes-Benz plant in the Moscow region within a month, production can be resumed in 8-9 months after agreeing on a new brand for which cars will be produced. Andrey Olkhovsky, the general manager of the seller, told RIA Novosti.

German automaker Mercedes-Benz announced its intention to leave the Russian car market at the end of October by selling shares in its subsidiaries, including a factory in the Moscow region, to Avtodom. The dealer, on the other hand, said that the brand plans to do everything possible to maintain its after-sales service in the Russian Federation.

“Conclusion of the deal largely depends on the pace of work of government agencies – all the necessary documents were submitted by us. We plan to close the deal in a month, excluding the New Year holidays.” Olkhovsky commented on the closing of the deal to buy the Mercedes factory.

“Restoration of production is a step-by-step process – as soon as we choose a particular brand, we can immediately create a roadmap for the factory opening. On average, the factory launch takes place after agreement on the brand. It takes 8-9 months. But there are also faster projects, if there is enough willpower and if there is opportunity”, – he clarified by answering a question about restarting production.

Avtodom plans to establish automobile production at the enterprise, the plant is a very narrowly focused enterprise in terms of production features – it is technically unlikely to produce anything else above it, the top manager stated.

“Moreover, in our opinion, the automotive industry in the Russian Federation is not in a position to change the nature of production. Of course, the main and most frequently asked question is localization. That cannot be solved at the moment, but we want to move around and produce components for vehicle assembly. Studies are also being carried out in this context,” he said. .

As Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov, head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, has already noted, a new technological partner for establishing production at the Mercedes plant can be determined before the end of the year.

Source: Ria

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