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Post: According to the media, China has banned the supply of its own processors to Russia


A processor showcased during the Hangzhou Cloud and Artificial Intelligence Conference. archive photo

Kommersant: Bans the supply of own Loongson processors to China, Russia and other countries

MOSCOW, December 13 – RIA Novosti. The Chinese leadership has banned the export of Loongson processors based on its LoongArch architecture to Russia and other countries, writes. “Kommersant”.

“Some Russian electronics manufacturers have already tested these chips, but now it’s impossible to buy a batch,” a source close to the Ministry of Digital Development told the publication.

He added that although Russian companies are not too dependent on Chinese processors, they hope to switch to Loongson solutions in case parallel import problems arise.

The publication cites that among the reasons for the export ban, the technology is considered strategically important for the Middle Kingdom.

“The best chipsets in China are used in the military-industrial complex, this is the main reason why they are not available in foreign markets,” said Kommersant’s source.

Maxim Koposov, director of the Promobit company, told the publication that he does not see any problems at the moment due to the ban, as mass projects using these processors have not been started in Russia. He also suggested that the ban would become official as it is still possible to buy laptops and motherboards based on the Loongson chip.

Source: Ria

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