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Post: Shadayev said that “Yandex” has not yet sent materials on the restructuring


Yandex office in Moscow. archive photo

The head of Mintsifra Shadayev said that “Yandex” has not yet submitted materials on the reconstruction.

MOSCOW, December 14 – RIA Novosti. The head of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development, Maksut Shadayev, said the restructuring of Yandex with the division into Russian and international trade will require the approval of the government commission to monitor foreign investment, but the company has not presented any material on this topic so far. told reporters.

Yandex announced the planned restructuring at the end of November. The Dutch-registered parent company Yandex NV plans to separate most of its business in the Russian Federation into a separate Russian group of companies, eventually withdrawing from its shareholders and changing its name. The new structure of “Yandex” in Russia will include a number of foreign aspects and will protect the brand, and its management can be transferred to the management. International divisions of some of Yandex’s businesses, including drones and cloud computing, will be transformed into a company managed by Yandex NV.

Asked whether Yandex would need the approval of the government commission to monitor foreign investment as part of the restructuring, Shadayev said: “Most likely yes, but we don’t have the materials right now. We’re watching them right now.” “

“If the main question at Vimpelcom is whether the company can maintain the necessary investments in the network, then we have no material on Yandex,” said the head of the Ministry of Digital Development.

Source: Ria

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