Payment with Mir Pay will be available in Russian online stores

Delivery from an online store - RIA Novosti, 1920, 12/16/2022
Delivery from an online store. archive photo

Contactless payment with Mir Pay will be available in Russian online stores

MOSCOW, December 16 – RIA Novosti. YuKassa, an Internet payment provider for commercial businesses, told RIA Novosti that Russian online stores will be able to connect payment for goods and services using the Mir Pay service.

“Payment scenarios are changing, but buyers remain willing to pay in a few clicks. Russian online stores may offer their customers a new payment method for purchases – Mir Pay,” the company said.

In this way, Mir card holders with Android-based phones will be able to make payments over the internet. To pay for a product or service, the buyer will need the Mir Pay app. You do not need to enter card information in the payment form.

If the buyer of the online store has already added the Mir card of any bank to the application, when paying for a product or service from a mobile device, he only needs to press the Mir Pay button on the payment page and confirm it. pay in app.

Mir Pay is a special application from the Mir payment system for contactless payment by smartphone. At the same time, Mir card details are not stored on the smartphone and are never disclosed when making a payment. Instead of a real card number, a specially created digital code – a coin is used.

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