Post: The Ministry of Digital Transformation has called the loss of foreign IT companies leaving Russia

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Mintsifra: foreign IT companies leaving Russia lost 650-700 billion rubles

MOSCOW, December 20 – RIA Novosti. The head of the Ministry of Digital Development Maksut Shadayev said that as part of the government watch, the losses of foreign IT companies that left the Russian market after the start of a special military operation (SVO) amounted to 650 to 700 billion rubles.

“Foreign companies lost a significant part of their income and left it alone. According to our estimates, the loss of international IT companies that stopped their activities in the country reached 650-700 billion rubles in 2022 alone,” the Minister said. .

“So we will compete with countries that are ready to cooperate with us and that make joint projects. Such countries are quite a lot. Currently, we see a great demand from Latin America, Middle East, Asian countries. For Russian technologies, for joint projects,” added Shadayev.

The domestic IT sector faced a number of challenges after Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine on February 24. Most of the big Western sellers have left the Russian market. Among the telecommunications equipment and software manufacturers leaving the Russian market were IT giants such as Cisco, SAP, Oracle, IBM, Nokia and Ericsson. Major technology manufacturers Samsung and Apple also suspended the delivery of their products to Russia in March.

Source: Ria

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