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Post: Three reasons the dollar stays strong


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Associate Professor Kullback said that about 60 percent of the world’s reserves are concentrated in dollars.

MOSCOW, December 21 – RIA Novosti. “Despite exchange rate volatility, the dollar empire is not collapsing, and there are at least three reasons for that.” speech With the agency “Prime” Nikolai Kulbaka, Associate Professor of Integrated Communications Department of the School of Media Communication of the RANEPA Institute of Social Sciences (ION).

The expert emphasized that approximately 60 percent of the world’s reserves are concentrated in the American currency, and a significant part of the exchanges are carried out in dollars. When there is a single currency it is suitable for everyone, so much depends on the strength of habit.

Kullbacka also noted that the dollar is a stable currency with a stable history and the support of a strong economy. Therefore, he stressed that the decline of the dollar empire should not be expected in the next five to ten years.

Source: Ria

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