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Post: The governor of Kamchatka said that the authorities will check the quality of the caviar.


Sandwiches with red caviar. archive photo

Governor Solodov: Kamchatka authorities will check the quality of caviar on the table of Muscovites

MOSCOW, December 29 – RIA Novosti. Kamchatka Governor Vladimir Solodov told the RIA that the Kamchatka authorities plan to introduce a caviar labeling system in the future and remove the middlemen between fishermen and end consumers so that Muscovites and those living in the central regions will know what quality caviar they are buying. novosti

“It’s no secret that it is almost impossible to buy caviar of the same quality as in Kamchatka in Moscow. Why? Because when it is brought to Moscow, it is often confused with caviar from last year … that’s what they buy. That’s the main problem and what we will focus on,” Solodov said.

He noted that the regional authorities had recently blocked one of the poaching channels, which has already begun to take effect.

“I think we will gradually come to labeling of caviar and traceability from catch to fork later on. After that, the consumer will be able to be assured of its quality when buying caviar.”

To this end, regional authorities plan to both use new distribution channels and launch new trade mechanisms, including the Northern Sea Route.

“We’re promoting a fish swap that will target caviar first – pollock caviar, red caviar, because it’s a more standard product. We’re working on a task like this for next year,” Solodovnikov said.

He added that on his own initiative, the project “Affordable Fish” was included in the people’s program of the United Russia party.

“We will work to keep the fish on the shelves of both Muscovites and all residents,” the agency’s interlocutor said.

Source: Ria

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