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Post: A package of bills in digital rubles was presented to the State Duma


Construction of the Russian State Duma. archive photo

Deputies and senators presented to the State Duma a package of two bills on the digital ruble.

MOSCOW, December 29 – RIA Novosti. A group of deputies and senators led by Anatoly Aksakov presented to the State Duma two packages of bills amending the legislation on the introduction of the digital ruble. bases Data from the lower house of parliament.

The documents were developed as part of the implementation of the 2021-2023 National Payment System Development Strategy approved by the Central Bank of Russia.

The first bill changes a number of laws defining the legal status and rules for the use of digital rubles, including rules on the circulation of digital rubles in Russia and foreign countries. It has also been established that the digital ruble is the currency of the Russian Federation.

And the Bank of Russia is legally assigned the status of the operator of the digital ruble platform and the status of its participant. The Central Bank has also been authorized to ensure the uninterrupted operation of this platform and to protect the interests of its users. For example, it is envisaged that the organizer can determine the maximum amount of fees that platform participants will receive from users, and the maximum value of the transaction amount in digital rubles. The Central Bank will be responsible for the security of digital rubles and the correct accounting of information on transactions with them. At the same time, the functions of the Board of the Central Bank are expanding in terms of setting tariffs for services provided within the framework of the platform and the list of allowed transactions with the digital ruble.

The second bill makes the necessary changes to the Civil Code (CC), including the inclusion of digital rubles as non-cash funds. At the same time, the rules regarding the emergence of the rights and obligations of the pledgee in relation to the prohibited goods, stipulated in paragraph 5 of article 334 of the Civil Code, will not be applied in the event of such a prohibition. imposed on the digital ruble. At the same time, it has been determined that rights under a digital account (wallet) contract cannot be pledged.

1124-1127 of the Civil Code, at the discretion of a citizen, the rights of digital rubles recorded in a digital account (bag). At the same time, the procedure for making such testamentary savings will be determined by the government of the Russian Federation in agreement with the Central Bank.

This also creates the possibility of receiving funds from the digital account (wallet) of the testator to organize the funeral of the heirs, by analogy with the current procedure for receiving the money in the bank account of the testator in such a case.

Source: Ria

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