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Post: Cargo turnover of Russian ports returned to 2019 level


Sea trade port, Vladivostok. archive photo

Rosmorrechflot announces that the cargo turnover of the ports has returned to the pre-pandemic level

MOSCOW, January 4 – RIA Novosti. According to the website, the cargo turnover of Russian ports in 2022 was brought back to the pre-pandemic level of 2019 at 840 million tons. Rosmorrechflot.

“An important result of the work in the Federal Maritime and River Transport Agency’s area of ​​responsibility over the past 2022 is that cargo transfer volumes at ports are at the pre-pandemic level of 2019 – about 840 million tonnes,” the report says.

The agency also states that the production capacity of Russian ports has increased by 36.64 million tons in 2022.

This was the result of the construction of a number of facilities: a special coal terminal “Port Vera” near Cape Otkryty (Primorsky District) with a capacity of 4.55 million tons, infrastructure for an offshore LNG transhipment complex in the Kamchatka Territory 5.43 million tons, and in the port of Vysotsk A sea terminal with a capacity of 1.66 million tons in the CS “Portovaya” region.

In addition, Taman bulk cargo terminal with a capacity of 25 million tons became operational at Taman port.

Source: Ria

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