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Post: Sberbank raises mortgage rates for new buildings and secondary housing


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Sberbank increased rates for new buildings and “secondary” mortgages by half a point

MOSCOW, January 10 – RIA Novosti. Sberbank on Tuesday increased rates on mortgage programs for new buildings and secondary housing by 0.5 percentage points, according to the information on the bank’s website, the minimum rate for these is now 10.9% per annum. In the credit institution itself, this change was explained by “current market conditions”.

Since January 10, rates on basic mortgage programs for primary and secondary residences have increased by 0.5 percent – currently the minimum rate is 10.9 percent per year, according to information on the bank’s website.

At the same time, the proportions of state-sponsored programs remained unchanged. Thus, in preferential mortgages, the minimum rate would be from 7.3% per year to build a house and from 7.7% to buy a house or flat in a new building. Under the “Family Mortgage” program, a loan can be issued at the rate of 5.3% for the construction of a house and at an annual rate of 5.7% for the purchase of a residence or an apartment in a new building.

“Sberbank has been keeping mortgage rates at the same level for the longest time in the market and is doing its best to satisfy customers. However, the cost of buying federal loan bonds from the market is increasing throughout the month, and such dynamics will lead. The press service of the credit institution told reporters that more to the fact that the bank will have to adjust the rates.

Source: Ria

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