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Post: The Rada said that the big Ukrainian business is preparing for the collapse of the hryvnia.


US dollar bill and Ukrainian hryvnia coin. archive photo

Deputy of Rada Dubinsky: The big Ukrainian business is preparing for the collapse of the hryvnia

MOSCOW, January 10 – RIA Novosti. Verkhovna Rada Deputy Alexander Dubinsky declarationthat large Ukrainian enterprises systematically prepare for the depreciation of the hryvnia and actively withdraw funds to the accounts of their non-resident companies.

“Ten billion dollars are loans made by foreign counterparties to Ukrainian companies during the war. This means that the Ukrainian business, which continues to sell things abroad, carries out operations in which a Ukrainian company gives a loan to a non-resident company. Dubinsky said in a video on his Telegram channel, ” For example, in Cyprus. This means that large companies are actively preparing for the fact that the hryvnia will sink.”

He noted that the Central Bank of Ukraine’s 11-month balance of payments statistics for 2022 indicated a sharp, deep decline in Ukrainian exports and a “slight decline in imports”. According to him, there is a global outflow of money from Ukraine through various financial transactions, which means that large enterprises are systematically preparing for the fact that the hryvnia exchange rate will collapse.

According to him, the collapse of the Ukrainian currency will not happen “tomorrow”, the Central Bank of Ukraine sells about a billion dollars a week to stabilize the exchange rate, the currency that comes as international financial assistance will continue to support the hryvnia. about the current level. He believes depreciation will be “quick and very painful” when “peace is on the horizon”.

Earlier, the Central Bank of Ukraine promised to completely cut the hryvnia issue from 2023 in order to close the state budget deficit.

Source: Ria

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